PenFriends Project


Penfriend schemes are often adopted to: practise reading and writing in a foreign language, to improve literacy, to learn more about other countries and lifestyles, and, above all, to make friends, which is one of the main aims of this website.

How it works...

The tasks are created by teachers on a regular basis and then answered by students within the given deadline. All activities can be followed by parents

There are 3 user types for the site:

      1. Teachers, who can list tasks with a deadline and evaluate the answers.

      2. Students, who can check all the tasks and answers but who will only have access to their own group's task and marks. 

      3. Parents, who will be able to view their children’s tasks and answers. 

The tasks are divided into the different Cambridge Assessment levels: from Young Learners Movers and Flyers to KET, PET and First. Different tasks are created for every level and students will be selected for their corresponding groups.  For now there are 2 user accounts created for every group, one for each school participating in the Pen Friends Project.

What to do ...

Teachers Students Parents
Log into your account Log into your group account
Add tasks for each group - -
- Check your task Check tasks
- Answer task  Check answer
Rate answers Check your rate Check rates

Main page (HOME)

There is a short description about the project.
There are also links to the description of the schools participating in this Project. This page and the description of schools are open to the public.
After login a button will appear which will take you to the tasks page.
Also on the right-hand side of the menu bar there will be a greeting text and the logout link. Please remember to log out after finishing your task ...

Tasks page

All the active tasks (which have not passed the deadline) are displayed on the right-hand of the main section.

On the left-hand side there is the Task Menu. In the Task menu there are different links depending on the user type:

  • Active Tasks > link to this page (visible for all users)
  • All Tasks > link to a page where all given tasks and answers are shown (visible for all users)
  • My Tasks > Students can check their active tasks and can submit the answers (visible for students only)
  •  ADD Task > Teachers can submit the tasks (visible for teachers only) 
Under the Task Menu there are the group icons. By clicking on one of these icons, only the tasks and answers of the related groups will be displayed.

My Tasks 

On the left-hand side below the Task Menu the group icon will be displayed. If this icon is clicked, the Active task page will be shown. 

On the right-hand side of the main section the active task(s) of your group are displayed along with some useful information, like:

  • Post date
  • Date of the deadline
  • How many days left until the deadline 

Students can submit their answers with the ADD Answer button. Please note that answers can be submitted only in the approved group 

The answers will be displayed in the light green/yellow group.

Students can edit their own answers and even delete them. Please note that they have access to their own answers only.

Teachers can rate the answers with the voting tool. Only one rating is permitted. All further votes will change the original vote's value. Students and Parents can only see the result of the rating (voting).

Adding/editing a task or an answer

You have to create a title for your task/answer

TASKS ONLY: Set the group (PET, KET, Flyers, .etc ..) and the deadline. The suggested deadline is 2 weeks, but  this can be changed.

Type your task/answer just like in Word format...

If you have an image to submit, upload it here.

Hit the save button and you are done!