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Rainbow Study Center

Rainbow recently celebrated its 6th Anniversary but this is our fourth year as an Official Cambridge Exam Preparation Centre.  We consider ourselves fortunate to be based in a privileged location. Matadepera is a residential town 35km away from the centre of Barcelona.  Although quite small in size (8,835 inhabitants) there are five local schools in the area, an indication of its growing, young population. 
We recognize that adding official validation to our courses is a point that has set us apart from other schools and is an essential tool in marketing our philosophy as a school that strives to provide quality teaching supported by clear results.  We are proud to announce a 100% pass rate yearly in all levels: KET, PET, First, Advanced and Proficiency, not forgetting Young Learners which is where it all starts.
Both students and teachers are very enthusiastic and look forward to forming part of this partnership with The Cambridge School/Kinderstart Association, Odorheiu-Secuiesc, Székekyudvarhely-Romania.  In our effort to provide good exam results it is true that the real objective of Language Learning which is to communicate, is sometimes overlooked. This partnership would definitely bridge that gap and not only provide greater insight into a different culture but also promote the importance of English as a “lingua franca”.  
Nuri Chan Fernandez 
Director Rainbow Study Centre Matadepera